West Bengal Digha Pincode All Details

Digha Pincode: The image reveals a comprehensive list of pin codes for West Bengal, including the pin code 721428 for the main town of Digha, situated in the East Medinipur district. Furthermore, the image showcases the identical pin codes for two neighboring villages, Paya-Medinipur and Sanripur, indicating their close proximity to Digha.

Digha Pincode

In addition, the image displays an extensive compilation of pin codes for the neighboring localities of Digha, all of which are situated within the East Medinipur district.

Digha721428West BengalEast Medinipur
Paya Medinipur721428West BengalEast Medinipur
Saripur721428West BengalEast Medinipur


What is the Pin Code for New Digha beach?

The Pin Code for New Digha beach is 721428.

Which area Pin Code 400708?

Pin Code 400708 is for the area of Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.

Where is Digha in Kolkata?

Digha is a coastal town located about 185 kilometers south of Kolkata, West Bengal.

Is area code a PIN code?

No, an area code is not a PIN code. An area code is a three-digit number that identifies a geographic region in North America and the Caribbean. A PIN code, also known as a postal code or zip code, is a unique identifier assigned to a specific geographic location.

What is the area of a PIN code?

The area of a PIN code varies depending on the location. In general, PIN codes in urban areas cover smaller areas than PIN codes in rural areas.

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