Kolkata To Digha Night Trains Santragachi: When will the night train to Digha be available? Here is all the information

Kolkata To Digha Night Trains: Dipuda’ means ‘Dipuda’ to traveling Bengalis! ie Digha, Puri, and Darjeeling.


If you get a chance, you must go to Digha. But closer to Digha. Not only that, the opportunity to go to Digha by night train from the office. There was a train to Digha in the early morning or afternoon. There was a demand for night trains (Kolkata To Digha Night Trains) for a long time. Now that hope is about to be fulfilled. The night train to Digha is starting.

Kolkata To Digha Night Trains: The train leaves from Santragachi

Long holiday from Saturday. Today is Monday. Tomorrow is a holiday again on Tuesday. This holiday is for Independence Day. Kolkata To Digha Night Trains are in great demand. Demand for tickets is high. And keeping this situation in mind, the big decision is South Eastern Railway. Railways special system of night trains. Two-night trains have already left. A special train to Digha will leave on Monday night as well. And it is known that it will leave from Satragachi.

Sealdah to Digha Trains: train time

Kolkata To Digha Night Trains: When will this train leave?

A special train will depart from Santragachi to Digha at around 11:45 PM. And it is supposed to reach Digha station by 3:30 in the morning. However, this train will stop at several stations during this long journey. After leaving Satragachi, this train will halt at Uluberia, Bagnan, Mecheda, Tamluk, Deshpran, and Kathi stations. This special train is going to Digha with 12 sleeper coaches with four AC-3 tires.

kolkata-to-digha-night-trains 2023
Kolkata-to-digha-night-trains 2023

Kolkata To Digha Night Trains: Available throughout the year?

On the other hand, there is a special train for returning. There is a train from Digha to Santragachi at 8 am. Which will reach at 12:00 PM. Tourists rush to Digha-Mandarmani on a long holiday. And this time, the railway is in a difficult situation to handle the crowd. And so is the arrangement of night trains. However, discussions are going on whether night trains can be run to Digha throughout the year. So far no decision has been taken in this regard. However, a source says that the night train to Digha will be run tomorrow to handle the crowd.

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