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Lakshadweep Travel Guide:After the recent visit of the Prime Minister to Lakshadweep, there is a frenzy among the Indian public about Lakshadweep along with the indiaout campaign of Maldives and oblique comments from some political leaders have added fuel to the fire,


resulting in the cancellation of 8000 hotel bookings and 2000 flight tickets in Maldives in the last 4 days. Campaigns like this, everything is beautiful for nature lovers, but many people have no idea about Lakshadweep, so today’s post is about Lakshadweep.

how to go Lakshadweep?

Lakshadweep can be reached in two ways by flight and by ship, in both cases tours are organized by Lakshadweep Government Organization and Sports Authorized Agents.

What is the ship tour like?(Lakshadweep Travel Guide)

The ship departs from Kochi, Kerala, 3 nights 4 days or 2 nights / 3 days tour on the ship, in this case the island tour is during the day and the ship has to stay overnight.
The ship departs from Kochi to Kavarti, Minikoy and Kalpeni, this package is called Samudram

What services are there on board?

All food and sightseeing included in the package, the ship has two types of rooms: cabin and bank, ac room, 24 hours hot water service.

If you go to the flight, where can you go?

The flights mainly have separate packages for Agatti, Bangaram, Kavaratti and Kadmat islands, but in this case you have to fly from Kochi to Agatti first and then go to other islands.

What to do in Lakshadweep?

First of all, enjoy the place with your eyes full, then do different water activities (scuba, snorkeling, banana ride, jetski).

Lakshadweep Travel

How is the cost?

Samudram package cost varies according to the season and varies between 30000-40000 per head which includes round trip from Kochi to Kochi and even some water activities in each island.
If you go by flight, the cost is very high (I didn’t go myself so I don’t know the details) but the resort rent for night stay there starts from 7000 per night.

Best time to go?

October to February Can you go yourself? You can go but the process is very difficult, invitation from local island resident, NOC from Lakshadweep home department, NOC from local police station and then sports clearance is a lot of trouble.

Where do ships and flights depart from?

From Kochi

Andaman or Lakshadweep which is better?

Very tough question, I like both, both are different
Lakshadweep is a coral island so as the lagoons are not very deep, you can walk 1-2 km from the main island in shallow water, so it is very nice to do water activities.
Andaman Volcanic Island makes the lagoon less visible and the surrounding depth is greater

Can the elderly go?

Of course you can, it’s not much of a walk and the sports staff is super active and very helpful

Lakshadweep Travel Guide

Linguistic problems?

English and Hindi are spoken, the islanders speak different languages but understand Hindi

Pallichal Rd, Thoppumpadi, Kochi
[email protected]
Is it better to book from the Direct SPORTS website or through an agent?
You can do it from the website of Direct SPORTS at a cost of 500-1000 rupees, but like the Puja booking, it is very quick to book by opening the slot and the document process takes time, so the confirmation is delayed.
Just send the money photo and ID card to the agent, the booking will be done, they will guide you to Kochi and take you to the ship, the rest is up to you.
Lakshadweep or Maldives : This is a very difficult question as both belong to the same island group and the natural diversity is equal, but as an Indian I would prefer Lakshadweep.
But in Lakshadweep you will not get watervilla which you will find in Maldives but it is not affordable for everyone, there are thousands of islands in Maldives but there are only 32 islands in Lakshadweep.
To increase tourism in Lakshadweep, govt should be more flexible, make booking process easier, increase flights, give access to more islands.

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