Discover the hidden garden on Liberty Island, a tranquil oasis overlooked by most visitors. It's a perfect escape from the bustling crowds

Uncover the story of the lesser-known sentinel statue that stands guard at the entrance of Liberty Island

Learn about the captivating acoustics within the statue's crown, where the wind carries whispers of historical tales that captivate those who listen closely

Delve into the history of the island's historic lighthouse, standing tall as a silent witness to centuries of maritime adventures

Explore the forgotten immigration depot ruins on the island, revealing a haunting glimpse into the struggles of those who sought a new life in America

Unearth the fascinating story of the discarded plans for a second Statue of Liberty that was meant to be a twin guardian on the island

Ascend to the crown and witness the breathtaking panoramic views that extend far beyond the New York City skyline, offering a perspective like no other

Learn about the time capsule hidden within the pedestal, containing artifacts and documents that transport you through time to the statue's dedication

Dive into the underwater world surrounding Liberty Island, discovering hidden aquatic life and artifacts that tell a submerged story

Uncover the secret behind the eternal flame on Liberty Island, symbolizing the enduring spirit of freedom that burns bright day and night